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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
1. Domestic dogs are pack animals who flourish in a system where they know who the leader is. They have long since been bread to "submit" to a human or other pack leader.

2. BDSM is consensual; the fictional situation you are creating (which seems to be causing you to go into a fit of CAPS RAGE) is closer to abduction into slavery, which is illegal... obviously.
1. This is conjecture at best, this system of "Dominance" and "Submission" may be the intended effect to instill within these creatures, but no Human truly knows what is truly going in any creature's, outside of the Human species, mind because no Human has effectively been able to understand any species that exists outside their own or at least no one who has told others of the Human species about such an occurrence.~

2. If it is happening to me, my mind does not make that distinction.~
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