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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Regardless of what you are in, YOU have the power and YOU always make the choice to do anything.~

Any order I follow will be of my own choice to follow, I did after all VOLUNTEER to enlist into the military.~ HOWEVER if I feel an order is unjust, uncalled for, or I just plain refuse to follow it: I have the option to contest it and bring it up with a superior over the head of the superior who issued the order.~

I make the decision what to do at all times with everything in MY life, I take full responsibility for all of MY decisions.~ By following an order, I am making the decision to follow that order of my own CHOICE.~ There is NO choice "out of my hands", every decision I make is of my own choosing, I have no illusions to that, and I take full responsibility for ALL my choices.~
Well, good luck with the military with that attitude. I do not date military people, nor would I ever serve (serve! ha!), maybe you're right about questioning orders.

If you're happily going into the navy and ready to follow orders on a daily basis, I do not know what problem you could possibly have with a consensual D/s relationship.
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