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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
And yet you say you're joining the military shortly, where you will be trained to immediately obey and follow the orders of your superior officers on pain of court martial or other punishment/justice. If you get good enough at doing that, you will be trained to order many others around yourself, while still following the orders of the higher ups. Hmm!
Regardless of what you are in, YOU have the power and YOU always make the choice to do anything.~

Any order I follow will be of my own choice to follow, I did after all VOLUNTEER to enlist into the military.~ HOWEVER if I feel an order is unjust, uncalled for, or I just plain refuse to follow it: I have the option to contest it and bring it up with a superior over the head of the superior who issued the order.~

I make the decision what to do at all times with everything in MY life, I take full responsibility for all of MY decisions.~ By following an order, I am making the decision to follow that order of my own CHOICE.~ There is NO choice "out of my hands", every decision I make is of my own choosing, I have no illusions to that, and I take full responsibility for ALL my choices.~
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