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Oh no apologies necessary. I think I've figured out where I stand on the issue, it's good to hear some examples of people having casual sex where it isn't damaging or unhealthy. I understand that some people can do it and some people can't. My husband can, and wants to, and it obviously provides a much different experience for him than anything we share together. From how I understand to it, he's drawn to it in an almost D/s sense, with the objectification and power exchange. I also understand that some people can do D/s casually, e.g. at fetish events with people they don't know, whereas some people require a solid relationship with someone before exchanging powers. I see this as much the same.

So I would also be interested in anyone else's experiences with casual, meaningless sex, especially with strangers (defined as someone you just met that night and probably haven't exchanged last names). What worked, what didn't, any regrets or learning experiences, pitfalls to avoid, etc...
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