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Originally Posted by Dskins View Post
I hope it works out well for you. The only things I can think of is discuss those certain behaviors that make you uncomfortable and feel like you're walking on egg shells. Maybe the constant discussion will get her to realize how her behavior makes you feel or try to spend more time with her. I am in a very similar situation with my triad, it isn't a very good position to be in. You probably feel like you will have to leave if she can't get her act together. One bad apple spoils the bunch rings true to these situations. You may wonder like me, how long should you wait for her to be completely and truly ready? I have been in my triad for 1 1/2 years now and I still feel tolerated. You hope she will come around sooner more than later. Good luck.
Wow, a year and a half is a long time to just feel tolerated. I do hope she'll come around sooner, and if she doesnt, I know Ill have to leave. I mean what else will I do?

Ive been really busy with university and my job lately so I havent seen my couple much. I miss them alot! Thats how I know I want to make this work. But I also dont want to feel like I cant be my full self all the time. The relationship wont progress or I wont be happy. Good luck to you Dskins. I hope this posting helped you too.
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