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I just wanted to let my thoughts known on this subject since this is the subject of this thread:

I don't know if it's me or it's an instinctual thing, but when I see anything anywhere with collars, leashes, chains, ropes, hand-cuffs, restraints, and ESPECIALLY cages used to contain something against its' will this...feeling...wells up deep inside of me a slowly building...rage....a desire almost undeniable to RIP-APART TO SHRED TO COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY ALL SUCH DEVICES!!!~~~ AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!~ It is for this reason I can not be around creatures like "pets" in cages for long.~

If someone wishes to be contained or restrained then I have no problems with that, go ahead live your life how you choose, but there's just something about holding anything prisoner against its' will that just makes me feel so angry!~ XD

I REFUSE to be "Dominant" or "Submissive" or what ever it is you call it.~ I will NOT "Dominate" and I REFUSE to EVER "Submit".~ I just want to be free and for anyone to ask me to do that to them, it strikes a chord within me like a wild animal making me hardly able to even stand the thought!~

I think that the whole "Dominate" or "Submit" system that many Humans tend to apply to other species is conjecture at best as no Human has seemingly yet truly knows what is really going in the mind of a non-Human because Humans don't understand non-Humans in a non-Human language!~ Humans have a tendency to Anthropomorphize or "project Human characteristics on other non-Human creatures", because Humans have a very hard time understanding things from a non-Human perspective it might as well be a completely alien world to them.~

Low and behold mercy to anyone who tries to contain or restrain me, it isn't long before I get extremely angry and violent, although this depends on whether or not I see a way out of the situation.~

It is for this reason that I don't see BDSM play working out for me personally, but for the rest of you: have a great time!~ ^_^

Although, I am interested in a VERY LIGHT EXPERIMENTAL whipping, spanking, scratching, and biting.~

No slapping though, or I will bite your hand and NOT in a way intended to cause pleasure.~

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