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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I know, I'm fucked....
Quite nicely as I understand

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Is this the only way someone like me can reach a deep connection with someone? I can only speak for myself really, I have no idea what others that feel similarly to me feel. I am not sure at this point. I thought or hoped that it wasn't, ......
I often wonder if what many of us toss around pretty freely as this "connection" thing needs further understanding and definition.
It's quite apparent that most everyone has the capacity to "feel" it when it happens. And once you do it seems it's like an addiction. You just want more and more of it.

But what exactly is this ???

In Eastern thought (and medicine) there is extensive reference for example about chakras, meridians, energy paths and exchange etc.
There is much documented on the ways to open these energy channels for our own (and others) benefit. And these channels are not confined inside ourselves but extend beyond our physical body.

And one of the time honored ways of opening these channels is.......

But it's far from the only way and it seems that the goal/desire is to gain some mastery of opening and closing those channels when appropriate.

Now if everyone were to have this understanding, I've felt that the whole approach to, and understanding of, sexuality would change dramatically.

If we felt a desire to "connect" to someone we might chose sexuality as one of the methods. It would depend on the person and what we both felt was the best (or easiest?) method at the moment. But as mastery improved, that sexuality would not be the only - or even necessarily preferred- method ! Each moment is unique and special. We develop the abilities that fit best in a particular moment.

So I often wonder.

Many people seem to discover this "tool" if you will (sexuality) for connection and energy exchange - often quite by accident -because it's a built in biological tool we were provided with.

It's always been thought of as a means of reproduction.
But some have another view entirely.

Interesting stuff............

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