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I can definitely relate...or at least understand. I think to date my biggest challenge with creating a community around the term poly has been the other differences. least around here, are pagan/hippie/very left wing...I find it difficult to relate on any level BUT poly. Which to me feels incomplete. Poly is a small subset of my personal makeup. I find myself at odds with the "community" simply because my personality structure is the opposite of most involved.

I simply don't think that sexual or relationship/lifestyle preferences are enough in and of themselves to find the common ground to establish true friendships.
100% agree. Thats exactly how I feel. I find most people (i am open to most people I meet and or know) are willing to accept I can love multiple people, but if my political/religious/sports stance is not similar, on a social level we just don't get along, which obviously means we can't go much further as a community.
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