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Wow, this has really come together for you... I agree, I think that community needs to well up out of like minded people that have similar values rather than are just poly and that's it. Poly is such a vast identity and is so debated right now as it hits mainstream more and more. I am finding that I have shifted from needing to have a community that understands that aspect of my life to needing a community that accepts me for who I am even though we have differences. I need this in order to accept them also. I think it is so important to gather people around you that you know love you. The rest are worthy of exploring, but for me, not worth investing in until I know that we hold some similar values.

Some of my nearest and dearest friends have a similar quality about them one is that they are confident and self assured enough to follow their own path while staying curious about mine... they think I am crazy for my differences but love me regardless. They don't get all serious and confrontational when we talk, they are not competitive and comparing, they just love me and embrace all that I am. Some are poly, some are not. Some don't even know I'm poly. It doesn't even seem to matter that they know everything about me, as I am confident that they would love me anyway and stick with me regardless. This to me is my community.
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