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The last thing I need is more masturbation - that's how I've survived all my relationships up to this point! I was really hoping that being poly would decrease the amount of time I would be going solo.

Thanks, both of you, for commenting about my libido being a normal thing. I don't ever feel normal with it. I have been down about it for quite a while, because I have never been in balance with a partner. M told me last night he admits that casual sex sounds like it would suit my needs better, which made me feel even worse about myself.

I just don't think I can do casual sex. Sex is tied up in emotions with me and I need trust to be there. I can't get that from a one-night stand. I've tried. Once. He is now my husband.

M also said that he hopes he will be enough for me. I really dislike the fact that both my men feel this way, but I can't lie and say that they are, at this point. But, like my husband said, I haven't had any time to see what our normal will be. If M can do an overnight once a week, in addition to our regularly scheduled Wednesday day-date, and my husband can sex me up two times a week, hopefully that can quiet me down.

It sucks that I have this quantity issue. It sounds so clinical when I read what I have written here.
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