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What a weekend so far!!

Thursday was the official start to Redpepper and my weekend. Her, Polynerdist and I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow forum member for the first time face to face. She was engaging, beautiful and we look forward to getting to know her even more. She joined us in our monthly poly meeting and then we all went out for a quick drink and chat. It was an early night for us, as Redpepper and I had to catch a ferry to visit yet another forum member for the first time face to face. He also turned out to be an inviting, incredibly friendly and like-minded person who we had the privilege of spending the better part of an afternoon with.

While we were gone Polynerdist spent the afternoon with our other new friend mentioned in the first part of this post. I am keeping both their online identities out of this post in respect for their right to privacy. If they are ok with speaking up that is there choice.

Redpepper and I spent the night at a friends house (another poly friend) and spent the evening and next day with her.

We packed a lot in during our day and night away; discussions abounded from thoughts of the future to our idea of poly community and what that concept even means.

We returned home to a very welcoming and happy Polynerdist and son. Tomorrow we are having a couple over for supper with our chosen family. They are new to the idea of practicing poly and being able to simply listen to their concerns and give our support as friends with experience is proving to be very fulfilling.

This is an exciting and pivotal time in many ways. Friendships are being formed, plans for the future are being moved forward and we are connected as a couple and as chosen family. Very cool!

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