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Originally Posted by JonnyAce View Post
I Think it's great that he's giving you these letters. i know that i generally prefer to e-mail someone when i want to talk about something big because it helps me organize my thoughts. Right now he's trying to save this relationship, and i think him being able to do this in a manner that helps him convey his feelings in all honesty, and thruthiness (thanks Colbert ) is fantastic
I think it is great as well. He has ADHD so when he is dealing with big things his thought process can become very confusing for himself and for me. By him finding a quiet place to sit and focus on one particular issue at a time, we have found more clarity or understanding of what the other has thought and felt in the past few months and he has actually brought up things prior to this that we never really touched on. If this is a way for us to communicate openly and honestly... well we will just be corresponding for the rest of our lives
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