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Ohhh, I'm blushing furiously at the thought of answering some of these questions, but I also think I need to :P I'm very, very shy in general and can be very passive when it comes to sex. I think having 2 very different partners (hubby & bf) has gone a long way to bring me out of my shell though.
Sex with my husband has always been comfortable, loving, very satisfying. Perhaps not as 'adventurous' until recently as we've been talking alot more, communicating much better in general. There has been a bit of a shift in our sexual appetites as we verbalize our wants, needs, and desires more readily now. However we are both confident in knowing what the other likes and speaking honestly with each other, we enjoy our sex life.
Sex with my bf is more frequent and 'lustful', some of that may be NRE, he's also much more confident and experienced, teaching me alot about myself and what I like. We enjoy trying new things and we've been learning what the other likes, which can be very exciting.

Valentines weekend was quite 'exhausting' as I had a sultry, sexy, black and pink lingerie and garters for my husband and a more bold, tight, black & red corset and boots for my bf. And I was completely comfortable in them both. I have no desire for sex with one to be more like the other, I quite like the differences between them.
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