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i agree with the above but i am currently questioning whether its a valid option to ask a lover/partner to not begin any new relationships for a while, like a temporary closure, while certain issues are worked through.

each of us has another lover, and i would never ever ever seek to veto or limit their already existing relationships, but am less clear what i think about asking for a temporary break in new explorations (for us that would need to include one-night stands).

it doesn't entirely sit comfortably with me, and i just can't tell yet whether that is because i find it extremely hard to ask for anything from a lover, even to admit to having needs (!) or whether its uncomfortable because it is controlling in a way i don't want to be.

any thoughts? experiences?


edited to add: not sure the etiquette here, apologies for the tangent i'm now not sure whether i should have just started a whole new thread or whether its ok to go tangential like this?
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