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Originally Posted by rubyfish View Post
When I was looking on okc to meet people to potentially date, I limited myself to people that either listed their relationship status as available or mentioned polyamory in their profile. I don't care whether someone is mono or poly, just so long as they really understand what poly is.
On okc, "available" doesn't mean "single" right? That confused me at first. When I was filling out my profile, they said that if you put yourself as "married or seeing someone" but still had "dating or sex" in your seeking section, it would list you as available.

I had an ad on kijiji and I didn't mention in the ad that I was poly, but I told everyone within the first couple replies that I was married and looking to expand on the love in my life. One person turned and ran, one person was married herself so she was fine with that, and the other person said she was mono but that she wasn't looking for a serious relationship anyway so she didn't think that would be a problem. Oh! And one person was poly!

So to sum up, yes I throw my hat into the mono arena, and mention that I'm not looking for a second life-long partner although if I meet someone and it works out that way, I'm not opposed to it either. (as a side note, I never was looking for a first life-long partner, it just happened that one of the people I was dating turned out to be my soul mate, so that part is nothing new)
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