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Default How safe are condoms, really?

My husband used to be a real ladies man and has had tons of anonymous sex before we got together. He recently told me that he would like the ability to have random sex with women. (I'll leave my psychological concerns about that for another discussion.)

My first thought was the safety issue. I'm just really nervous about him getting something and bringing it home. He said "well I would always use condoms" to which I replied "well, duh. But condoms aren't 100%, they can break, and I'm not sure whether they protect agains warts, and I'm pretty sure they're useless against crabs."

I told him that one of the people on here had a policy that she never slept with anyone until "seeing their papers" and I thought that sounded like a great idea. But obviously impractical for bar pick-ups, etc.

So what's the scoop? I don't have an emotional issue with him having sex with strangers, I'm just worried about the safety factor of one-night-stands, even with condoms.
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