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Originally Posted by budKEP View Post
Its a hard choice to decide when absolute honesty or a tastefull selection of words are needed from me. Personally I have a craving to be surrounded by those who only speak blatantly, even if it hurts to hear I've come to respect and value their opinion more than those who can't.
I feel this way too. I love bluntness. Like you say, it can be painful sometimes. But as long as they're not saying it to be hurtful, I find it much easier to recover from hard, unadulterated truth. When people try to be subtle, I tend to misinterpret their point, and that usually leads to me being confused and reacting to my interpretation rather than their intended meaning.

With practice, I think it's possible to have "absolute truth" packaged in "a tasteful selection of words." It's all about putting things in the positive frame of reference.
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