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Originally Posted by budKEP View Post
Yes, it has a definite feel of backwards way of going about it X). And in the beggining I had a feeling of imposing in on something that is none of my business. I can only hope that I did help and not impede progress between them selves.

The hardest part was to not be judgmental to one side or the other and still be compassionate to the indavidual needs either person required.

Sorry took so long to reply to your comment on us X)
I actually posted about this on the triangulation thread. You never imposed and we were always grateful (and continue to be) for the outside insight. As I said before you translate my heart so well, more than I was able to at times and you speak boy, which I do not.

As he said he doesn't think he would be breaking down his wall if it wasn't for you. I guess I always knew he was closed off, but I took it as being gaurded as a result of his childhood abuse. I didn't really see how much I was on the outside until you came along I truly learned what it meant to be connected to another soul with nothing but absolute honesty from both parties no matter how hard thoses truths were to hear or share.

You are never an imposition. Never ever a bother! We love and appreciate all that you have brought to our lives. And through all of our confiding in you, you were amazing at being unbiased. I hope we show how much we truly appreciate you.

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