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Default Why do some polys approach monos?

I found this on another forum (okc) and was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts or expansions on why? My answer was twofold. (I have expanded my answer a bit since I am more familiar with vbulletin

At this point I would say I am guilty of that. Excluding the fact I do live in a small community in Whistler with no real poly presence, I tend to be attracted to mono's.

My answer is simple, and your statement implies my reasoning. I am newish to poly, and trying to "get with" someone experienced has been interesting since I am a newb. I can't tell you how many times I have seen complaints of new poly's in a bad light. Well, how do you get experience? Find someone either new to poly as well or not even involved yet.

Kind of reminds me of complaints of BDSM. How do you get the experience in order to become a popular M/s when the community itself seems to be very cliquish to the experienced.

Almost seems like a catch 22, loosing battle. Obviously this isnt 100% the case, poly meetings, fetish parties etc are ways "in". But those seem to happen infrequently and personally, I am not overly patient, I don't want to be "open" once a month on the 5th while the sun shines in the north...well you get my meaning. I love flirting, touching and being around people. There are a lot more mono's out there than people actively looking at poly.
I might also be lucky living where I live, I have yet to have anyone run away when I say our relationship is open.

So curious, does everyone on here ONLY pickup poly's or do you throw your hat in the mono side and why?

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