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Ariakas "In my world. I have a difficult time sharing my true emotions, past that I have a REALLY hard time sharing my true fears and weaknesses. I can relate to what you describe, although we likely have different things to share, because in so many ways I don't know if sharing has broken or created stronger bonds.

Its a hard choice to decide when absolute honesty or a tastefull selection of words are needed from me. Personally I have a craving to be surrounded by those who only speak blatantly, even if it hurts to hear I've come to respect and value their opinion more than those who can't.

I'm a very sympathetic person. And I empathize more than I care to admit. And so my own opinions of others tend to hurt my feelings as well lol. Talking to another about myself, has always been easy if I want that person in my life. Its a this is me, who I am and if you can accept that then it was meant to be(even if I'm dying to hear a positive response).

Honesty up front has always left the feeling of completion and left little or no doubt as to wether I didn't do something right.

Ariakas, I hope you find the way that agrees with your hearts dessire the most X)
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