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SchrodingersCat "And I found my reaction a little odd... When I was first reading it, my thought was "it would be good if they could get their marriage on track before she looks outside it" but then when I learned who "she" was and who "you" were, and therefore what I've read about the husband, my attitude completely changed. Not that going outside the marriage will help the marriage, actually could strain it more, but I really think she needs someone sane and honest and supportive in her life, and it really sounds like that's what you are.

Yes, it has a definite feel of backwards way of going about it X). And in the beggining I had a feeling of imposing in on something that is none of my business. I can only hope that I did help and not impede progress between them selves.

The hardest part was to not be judgmental to one side or the other and still be compassionate to the indavidual needs either person required.

Sorry took so long to reply to your comment on us X)
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