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Originally Posted by BrandyManhattan View Post
I was asked what I wanted to see happen by the husband and I told him I want to see her either work o this relationship or leave and he told me that is just me telling him what I want to see HER do, but what efforts am I willing to make? Which confused me because this issue was not brought up by me and I was trying to be supportive to her by seeking better understanding of all of this. Thank you again on your time and words. Cheers!
Not just that it wasn't brought up by you, but it wasn't your issue. If she's having problems with her marriage, they need to be fixed within her marriage, or like you say, she needs to leave that marriage if she doesn't feel it's worth fixing. What effort would I be willing to make? I would be willing to love and support them, listen when they need to talk, and share my feelings when I need to be heard. That's it. What, are you supposed to fix their marriage or something?
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