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Go out with new OKC guy! Have fun! Go out with other people, too! You can see Kip and Prof when you have time for them. You know that saying, it goes something like this: "Don't make someone a priority who makes you an afterthought." Seriously, be with people who say yes to life, and to you, and who appreciate you and your time!

You want to go out and do fun things with someone -- you won't get that as a secondary to a married guy who can't be seen out with you, just comes over to fuck at your place, and has to abide by someone else's schedule and rules. So make your own rules that say you only hang with people who really enthusiastically make an effort to be with you! Then go out and do fun things with someone! Date! If Prof and Kip want your time, they will have to step the fuck up. Don't accept crumbs when you can have a whole tasty meal. Okay, I'm done with the analogies, but you get the picture.
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