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First - I tried reading this...oh 8 times was painful...thanks for fixing it
Second - thanks for sharing, sometimes writing out what is happening will help. I will speak to a specific I can relate to

I quit sharing my feelings and thoughts with just about everyone, one becouse my wife quit listening and it felt better to hold it in than be ignored and second cause I felt all I did was complain when I had my few Precious moments around my brothers. But since I moved out of my marriage I put and end to such behavior. And promised I would never debase myself so low ever again
In my world. I have a difficult time sharing my true emotions, past that I have a REALLY hard time sharing my true fears and weaknesses. I can relate to what you describe, although we likely have different things to share, because in so many ways I don't know if sharing has broken or created stronger bonds. I recently opened up to a woman more than I have to any other beside my wife...which has since turned only into friendship. (I know some people would castrate me for that sentence) my life, excluding my amazing wife, whenever I share emotions people back away, I have been trained to hide. I wish you luck in your journey...keep up the strength to continue opening been the most brutal fight of my life and I that it will end up being positive in the end.
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