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I met someone of OKC last night. We started emailing in the morning, progressed to a phone call by lunch time and met in the evening.
He is single, divorced and looking for someone to do things with, museums, local hikes etc. Works in a not dissimilar field to me, studying. Lots in common.
Got me thinking...
Here I am at the weekend with no partner to do things with. Both Kip and Prof are off-limits at the weekend. And to be fair, they both told me this in the beginning.
So my question to myself...should I try to fit new people around the existing relationships or fit old relationships around the new?
What do I want? I want someone to go out with. That has been my aim since divorce.
I am in 2 hierarchical relationships, no doubt I am secondary in both. They fit me in around their primary relationships.
It hits me most at the weekend, I see friends and do things with them of course, but on Sundays folks go do things with spouses and family.
I have no family this side of the planet and while I can and do take myself off to do things, wouldn't be nicer to have someone to share it with?
I am not NREing over OKC guy or anything, it just got me thinking that it is maybe time to make Kip and Prof less of a priority, and for me to be more open to meeting someone with similar activity interests and time.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Kip: 50s male.
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