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I was going to suggest what Madglyn said, more masturbating to be sexually satisfied. There is nothing wrong with you having a high libido. One thing for me that makes me extremely satisfied is being tag teamed with DH & PR. We have 2 to 3 hour sessions (it's omg hot to have two guys all over me) and I am quite satisfied for a few days. If M can only come around one time a month, why not meet another who has more availability? This does not mean your feelings for M must change, you just have another to explore with, just a little more frequently. Time management might be an issue for you but is it really? If M could see you once a week versus this once a month thing, how will your time management change? It just seems that you'd be willing to have M with you more often so why not have another be with you when M can't? Yes finding another takes time, but why not?
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