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My sex drive is much like yours. I never apologize for my orgasmic capacity though! lol

My ex-h (30 yr marriage) was also good with daily sex, but we just couldnt get along in other ways, so we broke up in 2008. Early in 09 I met my current gf, miss pixi. Our sex was frequent and intense at first, but after about 3 mos her NRE wore off and I realized she was more of a twice a week girl. Meaning, sometimes 3 days in a row, sometimes only once a week and even then, often more of a quickie than was sufficient for me.

So, since we were poly from the beginning, I still dated others and have ever since. I didn't find another love for 3 more years, but I found plenty of playpartners. Usually I just saw my gf 3-4 days a week Fri-Mondayish, so I'd see others during the week.

I think you said your husband is not even into once a week? So, yes, surely, it would be great if your new bf could come over once a week and spend the night. If he can't make that work, I don't see why he'd be in booty call status. He could still be your bf, you could still be in love, but have others for fun and frolic.

In Jan of 2012, I met Ginger, and we fell in love. We lived 20 miles apart. Even though he is married, his wife was fine with him driving up to spend the night with me once a week. We'd generally have 3-5 sex sessions of one kind or another in a 20 hour date. Very satisfying.

In May of this year, my gf and I moved in together and are renting a house. We now live only 5 miles away from Ginger and he and I get together every other day! NRE is past and yet his sex drive still almost matches mine. (I made sure he was that kind of guy early on.) Otherwise, miss pixi and I have sex when she feels like it, or I take care of myself. I've tried to keep dating, since a nice young boytoy would also be a good thing, but have not met anyone suitable since I met Ginger. I'm pickier now, I guess.

miss pixi once accused me of sex addiction too! I rejected that label. I have a high libido. There is a range of normal. Some people are asexual, some people need 4 sex sessions a day. Some women never cum, some women are multi orgasmic and can cum 30 times in a session. We are all unique snowflakes!
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