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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
the "the burn" becoming "the pleasure"...

When I reach that point where I am working out and I start to "feel the burn" that pain associated with becoming stronger: I think in my head, "I am becoming STRONGER!"~ and it still hurts but I started realizing that I recently have begun to feel "pleasure" as well, and the more I push myself the closer it comes to becoming sort of almost like a toned-down "orgasm".~

Does any one else experience this sensation?~

I never really thought of myself as a "torture me for pain, the more it hurts the more I like it!" - kind of guy, but I think that the fact that I associate the "burn" from working out with becoming "stronger" maybe be one of the reasons why this is happening to me.~
The burn is caused by lactic acid building up in your muscles.

The pleasure is your body's natural opiates, endorphins, being released in response to the pain of the workout. This is also known as a "runner's high." It generally occurs 20 minutes into a workout. This is why exercise can become addicting. Our body starts to crave that high.

Also, it's a large part of the reason some people are into spankings and floggings and other painful practices in the BDSM world. The pain of the impact changes to pleasure as endorphins are released.
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