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Hello Hannah,


Originally Posted by HannahM View Post
I want to be able to know that my partner is okay that I cannot give them 100% of my attention and if they are a couple then at least they have each other when I can't be there.

Well you would think so wouldn't you except they can sometimes get jealous of each other and that can lead to pressure on you to act in a way that confirms to their ideas as to how the relationship should be and how you should behave. Or they could both withdraw to work on 'reconnecting', thereby leading to you losing both partners (not nice). Also, I'm sure you will get plenty of offers from couples who are miles away from you but think you would be perfect anyway and it is ok because you can all visit one another and eventually they would want you to relocate to them anyway so location is not such a big deal......

Personally I don't think it is worth it but if you are still keen on dating a couple please read some of the threads here about it and be wise to any and all potential problems within this dynamic

Welcome again!!!!
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