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Recently, about 2 weeks ago I did 10 chin-ups and 10 pull-ups in one day: 2 sets of 5 each.~

The next day my arms felt like some one had hit them with a truck and I could barely move them for 4 days and they were swollen to.~

After some icey hot, a hot steaming bath, and 4 days later I could fully move my arms again.~

Now 2 weeks later, I CAN NOT DO 1 SINGLE PULL-UPS OR CHIN-UP!~

Keep in mind that before that 1 time 2 weeks ago, I hadn't done a pull-up or a chin-up in 10 years!~

Are my muscles still healing?~

I started doing drop-downs: starting at the top and slowly dropping down and trying to pull myself up and stay in that position for as long as I can.~

I've been inventing new ways to work out my triceps and my entire arms using only my own body weight:

laying on the ground back as close to the floor as I can arms lifting my body up,

legs-crossed and locked in lotus position butt facing the floor lifting my body up using only my arms,

knees to the ground facing the floor relaxing the rest of my body and pushing myself up with only my arms against the the weight of my body using my relaxed knees as a pivot,

legs crossed and locked in the lotus position and using my arms as my 'legs' to move around haven't been able to 'walk' yet but I am getting close.

And of course I randomly do 1 set of 20 push-ups, sit-ups, or squats, throughout the entire day, I can do 40 push-ups non-stop and double that with sit-ups.~

I also run 1 mile and 1/2 in 6:30 minutes and seconds and pedal a stand-still bike for 1 hour and 1 minute for 10 mile distance on "8" resistance setting (highest resistance setting) every couple of days.~

I also do a bunch of other workouts that I heard were going to be done in Navy bootcamp where I am headed in less than 4 months (February):

flutter-kicks, laying-down side-leg-lifts, diamond push-ups, 8-count bodybuilders, and mountain climbers.~

After a certain point regular push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, weren't 'doing it' for me, but by changing everything to everything above, I'm starting to 'feel it' again especially with the workouts working out my triceps!~ ^_^

Should I stop and wait for my arms to fully heal if they aren't already healed?~

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