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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
I haven't been able to find any thing like this on this website or even the internet in general.~

Well I have, but not any focusing specifically on the "pain".~

I love to workout, I love getting physically stronger, and I love to work up a sweat!~ ^_^ mmmm....sweat!~

I workout to become stronger and healthier, I don't want to be bulky in any way on purpose. I love being slim, flexible, fast, and adaptable.~ I don't like to lift weights and I don't like artificial things and places designed to workout like gyms and machines.~ I much prefer natural movement and using my own natural body weight.~

When I reach that point where I am working out and I start to "feel the burn" that pain associated with becoming stronger: I think in my head, "I am becoming STRONGER!"~ and it still hurts but I started realizing that I recently have begun to feel "pleasure" as well, and the more I push myself the closer it comes to becoming sort of almost like a toned-down "orgasm".~

Does any one else experience this sensation?~

I never really thought of myself as a "torture me for pain, the more it hurts the more I like it!" - kind of guy, but I think that the fact that I associate the "burn" from working out with becoming "stronger" maybe be one of the reasons why this is happening to me.~
Yes.. although I do prefer weights, and bulk.

I have also gotten similar "burns" from body weight workouts, even dabbled in natural workout (I forget the name)

Moving, and progressing is my thing .. that usually includes the well sought after burn.

I also used to power lift, and played football. So I quite enjoy the fitness I aim for, which is alway adjusting. Sometimes leaner and faster, sometimes I want to life really heavy things. It all depends on .. the time of the year I suppose. Keeping in mind at 6'5, my lean weight is 250 and I can get as heavy as 300 pretty easily depending on how I am feeling.
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