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Smile "The Burn" is "The Pleasure"?

I haven't been able to find any thing like this on this website or even the internet in general.~

Well I have, but not any focusing specifically on the "the burn" becoming "the pleasure".~

I love to workout, I love getting physically stronger, and I love to work up a sweat!~ ^_^ mmmm....sweat!~

I workout to become stronger and healthier, I don't want to be bulky in any way on purpose. I love being slim, flexible, fast, and adaptable.~ I don't like to lift weights and I don't like artificial things and places designed to workout like gyms and machines.~ I much prefer natural movement and using my own natural body weight.~

When I reach that point where I am working out and I start to "feel the burn" that pain associated with becoming stronger: I think in my head, "I am becoming STRONGER!"~ and it still hurts but I started realizing that I recently have begun to feel "pleasure" as well, and the more I push myself the closer it comes to becoming sort of almost like a toned-down "orgasm".~

Does any one else experience this sensation?~

I never really thought of myself as a "torture me for pain, the more it hurts the more I like it!" - kind of guy, but I think that the fact that I associate the "burn" from working out with becoming "stronger" maybe be one of the reasons why this is happening to me.~

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