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Let's see... last weekend, P gave me a larnin' on how to use the sawzall and the chainsaw (and I refrained from finding things to cut OTHER than the old fence poles and the fallen tree limbs... I was VERY GOOD!), we cut some firewood, and got the new wood stove going (yay!)

Yesterday, P comes home, fires off a text that I was NOT. ALLOWED. TO. EAT. because he was cooking, and I came home to "date night" (since we haven't had the time/opportunity to really go out): lobster casserole, steaks (surf -n- turf!), roasted red potatoes... just to DIE for.

And now, P's south, the kids are here and in bed, and I've discovered Elvis Costello's "Spectacle" on Netflix and am loving it.

Life is good.
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