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Originally Posted by london View Post
But whilst they are at work, commuting from work, mixing with other people, they smell. Yes, I was the one who said the next reasonable time to bathe was in the evening, but all day, they smell of urine, blood, faeces, sweat, uric acid and anything else that seeps out of your pores and clings to the hairs under your arms and between your legs. Removing excess hair from these places prevents that so you stay fresher all day, between showers. Get it now? I don't like people I have to mix with in public to stink because it makes me heave.

I have no idea why you keep bringing up circumcision. You can wash under foreskin at least once a day to maintain hygiene but you can't wash underneath hair nor get your deodrant onto your sweat glands where it needs to be. As you said, hair grows back and the person who owns the hair consents to it's removal so the two are completely, totally different and your use of bold just highlights how irrelevant this topic is.

I don't think you understand - I shave both "down there" and my underarms and it does nothing to prevent me from sweating or make deodorant work any better for me. Sometimes I wonder if getting lazor treatments would help with that. If your nose is truly that sensitive, maybe you should see a doctor about "fixing" that.
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