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Default Holy crap... I have two husbands... when did that happen.

I figured I would try my hand at bloging.. But I warn everyone now my life is pretty boring.

It has been 18 months since Murf came into my life. Today it hit me... I have two husbands. When in the hell did that happen. It was pointed out me today after Murf called me distraught over the brand new bedliner in his truck is peeling not even a week after it was installed and he needed he to handle it. The truck has less than 500 miles on it. I had it taken care of within 30 minutes . Had both the installer and Line x offering solutions immediately .

This evening when talking to Butch he said was my wifely duty...I answered... "What are you talking about. He went to list all the above and beyond things I have done lately for Murf.

I translate the cryptic legalese filled letters from his employer, investment , etc. I help make financial decisions for him. Call and make appointments. Clean his house ,cook..I can go on.

Butch is right I have a second husband. I go to him with everything too along with Butch. His opinion means just as much.

This blog will be a chronicle of my so called poly life.
40 yo straight female
Married in the eyes of the government to Butch since 2001...
Murf my monogamous second husband has been with me since May of 2012.
In a V relationship with an average 50/50 split of time between my two husbands.

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