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Thank you both for your replies. I'll answer them in order.

Grounded: I don't actually consider myself a homophobe. This would imply that I have issues with homosexuality as a general concept or homosexual people, right? That's not my problem. I do feel awkward showering at the gym, since you mention it, but I get by. Having another man watch me take part in sexual activity or vice versa gives me a more extreme feeling of discomfort; but I would expect that because it's a much more personal matter. It's how I'm built and I'm upfront about it. I'm not going to flip out if a guy hits on me, I just don't want to mix things up with them. I don't consider that a character flaw either, just an aspect of my sexuality. Keep in mind that I don't bug my girlfriend for ffm threesomes, she actually enjoys them and introduced me to them. I'm just not willing to go mmf, even if there's no contact between the men it would make me uncomfortable. /shrug
As for "what's good for the goose", let me reiterate that I don't actively pursue any kind of threesome. I'm just willing in the case of women, and not all women for that matter. I have no problem agreeing to NO threesomes of any kind.

Justagirl: Well, yes. It's all negative because I'm upset about it. If you're asking whether this is a trend for me, then the answer would be: sometimes. I have about the same highs and lows as another person, if there's anything unhealthy about it it's probably that I try not to let it show most of the time. This is part of what's bothering me, I'm normally the partner who puts his arm around his gf and lets her know it's going to be alright. I like being that guy, it makes me feel good to know I made a difference for her. I wouldn't be so vain as to say that seeing me is my gf's primary means of dealing with stress, but I certainly don't think I add to it regularly. I listen to a lot of, so my music tastes are eclectic whether I like it or not. The stations I've been listening to lately are Ratatat, Romantic Period Opera, Portishead, and M.I.A. Book-wise I haven't been able to read for leisure in months. Instead I spend a lot of time studying linguistics, history, and sociology.

I don't listen to motivational anything, or podcasts. I tend to find asking for specific advice a lot more useful than listening to "help" shows or something like that. I listen to Dr. Drew occasionally because it's funny, but I usually lose interest quickly.

Basically I'm feeding my brain the info it needs to (finally) graduate college. My music list helps me block out the world so I can write papers. The social obligations I mentioned are activities with friends, which honestly are a lot of fun and make me feel great until someone innocently asks, "I haven't seen Rachel* in a while, is she out of town?" Which will probably happen some time this weekend, and I'll have to reply that I'm not sure what's up, I haven't seen her in three weeks.

*Not her real name.
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