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Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
Last, and I'm going to sound extremely short-sighted and narrow-minded here, but I just cannot understand why hairy men are attractive. Not only that, but many women are just totally turned off at the sight or thought of a man who shaves everything. All because of cultural norms. I'd just like to think that mankind can "evolve" beyond that.

Sorry if I sound like as asshole here, I don't intend to.
@ALpolyman, you don't sound like an asshole, just expressing a personal preference and why you just don't get the opposite personal preference.

I am not turned off by hairless men - just haven't dated anyone who shaved everywhere. I would be fine with the totally shaved guy, as long as he was fine with the fact that I don't shave completely. I don't shave my legs. Too much of a hassle. I do shave the pits to prevent smell and I trim the pubes, mostly out of courtesy. The few men I've met who shave 'down there' have expected their partners to be completely shaved too. I respect that they walk the walk, so to speak, and don't just expect a totally shaved partner while their hair runs amok. But I am not interested in shaving everywhere. And it's been such a strong preference for them, that it just stopped any interest right in its track. Of course, this is solely my experience.

Do you prefer totally shaved partners, ALpolyman? I'm curious, not dissing your preference, whatever it happens to be.

Oh, as to why hairy men can be attractive. I was a lesbian for many years. There is really something that just says 'Yup, MAN!' when running one's hand over a hairy chest. I find I like it. Quite a contrast to my relationships with women where I was thinking 'Yup, BOOBIES!' instead.

Just my two cents.
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