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Default Thank you.

Thank you everyone for the time you took to read and reply to my little blip. I am aware that at the end of the day no matter what advice I get I am left with just me myself and I to figure out how I truly feel about this and all, but sharing is caring so I figured I would just share my thoughts and take whatever thoughts you all had for me as constructive as possible. The husband and I had an argument last night and this topic was brought up during it, a decision was supposed to have been agreed upon by Friday. He is out of town and the wife wanted to talk to her therapist before making a decision, which she will be doing today. I was asked what I wanted to see happen by the husband and I told him I want to see her either work o this relationship or leave and he told me that is just me telling him what I want to see HER do, but what efforts am I willing to make? Which confused me because this issue was not brought up by me and I was trying to be supportive to her by seeking better understanding of all of this. Thank you again on your time and words. Cheers!
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