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Originally Posted by YAH
Perhaps you perceived the manner in which he asked as aggressive, but Marcus seems to just have a pretty direct style of communication, period. I have no trouble believing that he wanted to clarify what was "odd" before inferring what it is himself, responding with that in mind, and having that not be what Magdlyn meant at all (if you truly were trying to be a douche, though, Marcus, please let us know... ).

Nobody else seems to have a problem with it, which means it's just me, as I don't see words as direct, but closer to passive aggressive by using subtle references coupled with pretending not to understand what another member has said or meant.

Great for a debate team, but a little dominating for me not to say anything, especially when I feel his assertions are based on flawed philosophy. It's one thing to be right, but another entirely to simply use a sales technique and always *sound* as if you are right, but in truth just ignoring the facts.

It's not something that's wrong are needs to change, and even if I thought it was, if I am the only one with a problem, then it isn't anything Marcus is doing, it's me. He generally invites open criticism and it just didn't seem like he could take what he was dishing out, so I said something
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