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I just want to put a different spin on this aside from the hygienic reasons. I don't intend to sound conceited or better than anyone else but I don't want to look like an ape. I'm not overly hairy but I love how it feels to be cleanly shaven. Skin-on-skin is so much better anyway.

Another point I want to make is it's culturally acceptable for women to shave legs and armpits that really took off in the 1920s. It has since been associated with feminism and I really hate it when people thinks that when a man does it, that he's feminine. I get the impression that we're at a point where it's becoming more socially acceptable for men to shave but we're just not there yet.

Last, and I'm going to sound extremely short-sighted and narrow-minded here, but I just cannot understand why hairy men are attractive. Not only that, but many women are just totally turned off at the sight or thought of a man who shaves everything. All because of cultural norms. I'd just like to think that mankind can "evolve" beyond that.

Sorry if I sound like as asshole here, I don't intend to.
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