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Originally Posted by Kuma View Post
I'm a typical guy on the issue of threesomes. I don't mind more women in the room, but men creep me out on a very fundamental level. I've given it a lot of thought and I just don't think it's something I'm going to get past. I know that it's a fantasy of my gf's to be with two men at once, and I know that the partner she lives with would be willing.
Hey Kuma - and welcome to the forum.

Just want to comment on the quoted piece of your post because I think you need to do some honest evaluating here.

I think your statement about homophobia being "typical" may be a bit of a stretch. Granted, it's been much a part of western culture for some time and I think it's much more prevalent in younger age groups in that culture. But (as you discovered-i.e. partner would be willing) it's hard to exactly pin down how much of it is cultural bravado and how much is truly ingrained and embraced.
Sexual preference is a very individual thing but phobias of ANY kind are another matter. We won't go down the path of playing psychologist or psychiatrist - you can do that research yourself if you choose and draw your own conclusions.

But in this case you have to consider whether your homophobia is - or is going to- have an impact on your possible relationship with your GF. For a lot of people who have put serious effort into understanding sexuality, homophobia will be viewed much like a disease. Should you choose to continue to embrace that - that's fine. Just be big enough to accept the consequences that come with that choice. Because it IS very much a choice.
And just for clarity's sake - "being with two guys at once" does not HAVE to entail any guy/guy contact . But if you have insecurities so deep you wouldn't shower in the locker room with other guys - may have a problem. Nuff said.
And just for informational purposes - keep in mind that many girls have the same fantasies guys have regarding multiple partners and what interactions may occur between same gender pairings. It's the old "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" phenom. Forewarned is forearmed

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