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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Dirtcluster, Marcus addressed his comment to gorgeouskitten, not the OP. See:

Really, a person keeping a tally of which lover their partner has sex with most and getting upset if they are getting less than their partner's other partner does, seems rather possessive to me, especially if they feel entitled to use their upset to control their partner's behavior. Sure, if they feel left out or dismissed, they need to deal with that, but their partner's body and sex drive isn't a commodity to compete for.
I feel like i should clarify what I had said, I was trying to say to the OP that if he was feeling his sexual needs were being neglected while his spouse is meeting both hers and someone elses, yeah that kinda sucks. Though the answer isnt neccessarily to try to "make" wife have any more sex with him, but maybe find is own partner or at least tell wife that he would desire more sex. I was encouraging him to get his needs met, but was also just curious he he would feel in the situation, whether right or wrong. i know a lot of men get touchy about sex
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