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I like what everyone has said... to me friendship is built over time and going through shit together. I am not one of those people that says that they are "friends" with someone if I have just been hanging out with them for a while. (Facebook really bugs for this reason!) I need to feel it fully and feel that I love them fully. I love people almost immediately as I find the kernal of good in them... but when I find them to be someone that works for me... that love is for life. I can be beaten and bleeding at their hand and still love and root for the person. Stupid shit I know. It's the Scorpio in me,,,, there is a lot.

I can also be raised far too high up by some (or at least that is what I think... mostly because I am fearless and that to some is admirable) and then come crashing down when I become challenged and emotional and get bitchy. This has happened often and partly why I wait a long time to call someone a friend...(lack of trust) sometimes that doesn't ever work out and I get super hurt (I usually see it coming and have no way to stop it or change it so I don't fall), and sometimes they decide to love me anyway and see me for the human I am. These are the friendships that last for me.

As for the sexual part... well, it's a done deal if I am fucking you; you are in for life. That is why casual sex with people that are not past the "friend" stage just doesn't work for me. Sex is a life long bond for some stupid reason on me... it's fucked with my head endlessly. I am just getting to know that about myself and trying to figure out how to be in a poly world with this kind of wiring. All to come,,, at the awkward stage right now.

(there Mono, I thought of something.... had to drag it out of myself, but as you requested)
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