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Originally Posted by dakid View Post
he drops his dirty laundry on the floor and leaves it for her to pick up?

i would want my own room if someone i shared with did that...
Hellyeah! My HB and I don't have live-in lovers, but I want my own room when he does that...

But I have thought about how we might handle live-in lovers, and to be truthful, I might prefer sleeping arrangements where HB slept in the bed with his lover & I had a separate space most nights anyway. For one, we are on totally opposite schedules, and I'm a poor sleeper with other people in the bed.

But again, you're only going to find out what the real motivation is through discussion at home. Good luck hon, and just remember that it's not unethical if it is what all three of you decide will be best for the time being.
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