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Originally Posted by Saffer View Post
I do nothing but think, then i huRT Thats what's i have to deal with but dunno how. I am not in this so i can have sex with different ppl, in fact if i never have sex again I wouldnt care, but some one to love. I like her, we get on well, and if it wasnt for these feelings things would be prefect. I get 2 ppl to be in my life. Of that I'm so glad. But.... the jealousy
dunno how she can watch him hug and kiss me and be ok with it, i feel guilty on her behalf and so hold back.
Hi Saffer,

I can feel your emotion - I truly can.
What you are experiencing is both jealousy AND envy.
Envy that she has something you would love to have in the way of her relationship.
Jealousy (a fear based trigger) - fear of losing what small piece you have so far.

Please accept this with the kindness that's intended.
You have a LOT of work to do - on YOU.
You can't expect to be in a healthy relationship until YOU are healthy yourself. Focus on that priority first. Foundation before roof.

Being needy is not an attractive quality except to a predator. Sounds like you don't need more of that.
Many loving people would recognize your current condition and desire to reach out & help. But you have to have a goal and be part of that process too. To work on your own strength and self sufficiency (emotionally & physically). If not it will fall apart.

We're all here to help in any way we can so feel free to keep communications flowing. But get to work girl


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