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I'm sorry but what you have highlighted here is that there were some children you know who were not given sufficient boundaries and/or stimulation. Not having a dad is no reason for a seven year old child not to speak. Maybe he has some sort of learning disability. From what you said, once they were in a loving environment with stimulation, they thrived. It sounds like something the social services needed input into. Them not having a father has no9thing to do with anything.

I think what some people might be confused with here is the fact that children who grew up with a strong of men coming in and out of the house but no male that actually took an interest in them, they may have an unhealthy perception of males and that may lead to unhealthy attachments to males. This occurs when a parent
(usually the mother) provides more attention to her romantic relationships than she does to her children. The children then think the way to get positive attention, affection and love is through romantic relationships. You'll see the little girl who has learnt to "flirt" with men from a young age because that's how she sees mummy get attention. This all occurs when there is a cycle of unhealthy romantic relationships that were never kept separate from parenting roles. It's behaviour that the parent displays that causes this, not the child.

nd I regret to inform you, london, that yes, sheltering your child from all males can lead to the child to having unhealthy relationships with males or women who play the male gender role.
My child has very healthy, close relationships with his father, his uncles, his male cousins, male family friends, his grandfather and his male dance teachers. I don't shield my son from males, I just do not involve my kid in my love life. Big difference.
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