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Default I can't speak for Magdlyn

but do you honestly have trouble understanding the meaning behind her assertions?

Or is it simply an aggressive style of debating in attempt to maintain an advantage or upperhand in the flow of conversation of the thread?

It reads like a technique taught to used car salesman

There isn't anything right or wrong about any style or dynamic that personally works for you and your partners, but do the questions and the details put forth by the OP honestly sound like those suggestions are going to help?

It seemed like he was saying he is having trouble adjusting to non-monogamy, specifically the sex aspects of it as he it sounds like his wife already has a close relationship with a another, just that right now they are abstaining from sex, does it honestly sound like

"Psh, I do what I want with my sex drive. Someone being 'upset' because they aren't getting their fair share needs to realize that life isn't fair... and that I am not a commodity they have stock in. "

is going to help this person who is coming here saying "here's my problem, any advice?"

Again, I can't speak for Magdlyn, but it sounds like nobodies is saying whatever works for your relationships is aberrant, odd or even wrong, however it would be for the situation the OP is describing, at least it sounds like it to me. Not that you are wrong, or that it doesn't work for your partners to take that approach with their concerns, but it does sound a little odd to me unless I am not seeing the bigger picture and maybe what the OP needs at this time is thicker skin and everything will be fine

I don't know, just my point of view anyway

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