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Default Quiet nights

Tonight I got home from a 13 hour work day, the other two were home, talking, holding hands in the kitchen. WI got up to kiss me, AM sat there, tired and drained after a 16 hour work day. Just absurd, the pressure we're under sometimes. We were slugs.

Talking. Sharing. Hand holding. Hugging. Back rubbing. Nobody had real energy. But we were close, and it was calm.

Tonight was supposed to be date night. Were we ready to hop into bed? No. Were we itching to do it? Though AM and I are insatiable (just in general, and therefore with each other), we had nothing in the tank.

In part, that's because AM stayed longer than expected yesterday (dinner while WI was away) and we ended up in a lovely spontaneous threesome last night.

Tonight, in comparison, was soft and calm, talking and easy, lovely and strong. AM left (we sometimes talk about her spending the night... but not yet) and WI went to bed. I want to post, just to share a night of calmness. It's not ecstasy, it's not perfection, it's just a night of tired normalcy.

This is new to me. My poly world has always involved a long distance relationship and a wife who didn't like it. To kiss WI and AM, to have WI and AM kiss so deeply AM left... this is new. And it makes me happy. Some nights, doing nothing and being happy is about the best sign you can ask for.
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