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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Reminds me of a song ....." mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys "

I file it under risks or costs of non monogamy. Blah blah blah ....on to more important matters awesome red F type rolled up next to me at a stop light today and I thought of you ....what happened with that ? id think it's the perfect climate for a car like that?
I saw one this morning at my daughter's school. I love that car. DH is of the belief that my three vehicles are more than one person needs, and that my desire for another car is a want. One was a push gift from him after our son's birth. The second was one that we purchased earlier this year after I traded in my car from 2008. The third was a birthday gift/fellowship completion gift from my daddy. I just made the final payment on the push gift. Out of all the vehicles we have, we have two car notes. We can handle a third one.

Since my daughter and I are going on a holiday, I am renting one for the week. I am viewing it like a week long test drive. If I like it, we might need to negotiate and do a trade in. Fingers crossed that I love it enough to buy it.

It is the perfect weather for that car.
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