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Wishing I knew what to do to help Seven. It's hard still being in love with him, caring about him so much, not being able to be with him, and seeing him distraught.

Last night was the first Wednesday (what was our night) when we ended up in house alone. I actually at one point had to go to bed even though I want tired so I didn't do something I shouldn't (cuddle with him while he plays a video game) or fall apart.

This morning sent him a text asking if he was okay. Had come home last night off, was up till 4 (not common for him), and had taken the battery out of his phone (something he does when he is upset about something going on the phone). He admitted work has been stressful, he is still distraught about putting our relationship in ruins, and hates how he and I just get each other while that isn't the case for him and Lamian.

And I have no idea what to do.
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